The NKvt Drawings Biennale in Pulchri, The Hague, will be realised in 2021, instead of the summer 2020.


The weekend-Exhibition with Ellen Merel, Emmy Bergsma and Lisanne Sloots, will be planned 20 till 23 August 2020, in Losdok, Amsterdam.


" WE LEVEN ALLEMAAL TRANSLOKAAL ",  exhibition PASSAGE, July and August 2020, Nieuw Dakota, Platform for Contemporary Art based in Amsterdam Noord. I participate in the manifestation.


MIA JOOSTEN GALLERY [ DIRK DEN HARTOG ] organizes an exhibition in the "PROJECT RUIMTE BMB",  Kerkstraat 129 A, in Amsterdam : a presentation of works from famous artists like Armando en Eugene Brands, but also from lesser known artists, among others things, a selection of my works. THE EXHIBITION LASTS FROM JULY 5 TO AUGUST 8, 2020.

The Gallery is open on Frijday and Saturday, from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM.