Selfie between books and drawings, 2019.
Exhibition, Kasteel Groeneveld/ Baarn with the NKvT [ Circle of Draughtsmen ], 5 october till 23 december 2019.
Danielle Vidal-Ausseil works in Kasteel Groeneveld.
Drawing on beige paper, from the series Cypresses in the night , 21x30cm, mixed media, 2019.
coloured pencils with Indian ink and siberian charcoal.
Drawing on beige paper, from the series Cypresses in the night , 21X30cm, mixed media, 2019.
Indian ink with coloured pencils.
Drawing, detail from the dyptich, untiteld, mixed media, 100x70cm, 2019.
"I think what I mirror the most deeply is the work that is grounded either that you see or feel an influence of nature, or that it is grounded by the lines in the periphery that suggest a frame. They always work wonderfully to take you into the work and your eye is welcome to move around. I think the linear aspects are suggestive not only of nature, your muse, but also there is a deeper connection to ( I don`t want to say religious as that is too restrictive ), but perhaps spiritual is the correct word. Work that takes you deeper into yourself. But having said that, on some level the linear movement feels like the essence of the cross, not literally, but the movement horizontally is
"of the air " and the vertical is "grounded in the earth". So spiritual and soulful at the same time."

Denise Tripp 13 July 2019
a selection of small pieces, in my studio, June 2019.
Acrylic painting on wood, Tryptich, from the series "Schaduwen ", 30x60cm, 2019.
Drawing, from the series " Dans la mouvance des arbres", mixed media, 100x70cm, 2019.
Black en white photo, in my studio, 2019.
Dyptich 100x140cm, untiteld, mixed media, 2019.
Drawing, from the series "schaduwen", mixed media, 56x77cm, 2019.
In my process as an artist, i try to create poetic abstract images, inspired by Nature as my muse, with a strong tendency towards minimalism.

One can see a wide landscape with a low horizon, or an empty place, with trunks reaching into the space, trees between the rocks, silhouettes in the movement, shadows in the space, shadows in the sky. Together, it's both chaos and harmony, noise and silence, earthly and ethereal, full and empty, fragile and powerful.

It is a form of handwriting, in which the strokes and rhythm of the brush convey an important statement.

It's comparable to a musical score. Just like a musician, artists have to organise the chaotic movement and capture the dynamic balance. Instead of musical instruments, they use pencils, brushes, pens, crayons, and so on...

My art could be described as a poetic visualisation of the sound of music.

In this way, my work is an attempt at abstraction.

Text : Danielle Vidal-Ausseil
translation : Neven Curlin
2 small pieces, paintings on wood, from the series "Histoire d 'arbres ", 2x15x10cm, 2019.
drawing, from the series " Histoire d' arbres " , 100x70cm, mixed media, 2019 .
drawing, "tussen schaduwen en lijnen", 77x56cm, mixed media, 2019.
Drawing, from the series "schaduwen", 56x77cm, mixed media, 2019.
drawing, from the series "schaduwen", 100x70cm, mixed media on licht beige paper, 2019.
In my studio, brushes and pencils, 2019.
In my studio, 2019.
" I think of my studio as a garden, where things follow their natural course "  Joan Mirò .
drawing, mixed media on light beige paper, "humus", 50x35cm, 2019.
drawing, untitled, graphite-china ink- acrylic, 100x70cm, 2018.
Photographie Hugo Rompa.
drawing, untitled, charcoal-graphite-china inkt, 100x70cm, 2017.
Photographie Hugo Rompa.